A Complete Macedonia Travel Information Guide for You

An Informative Macedonian Travel Guide

Macedonia is a region located in the Balkan Peninsula. The boundaries that define this country have kept changing over time. Other countries that are close to it include Albania and Bulgaria. It has an approximate area of 67,000 sq. kilometers, with a population of over 4 million people.

Because the country is hidden, very few people have discovered the beautiful things in this region. Are you looking for places to visit? Is Macedonia one of the areas you would like to travel to? It is necessary for you to understand some Macedonian translations. The guide below can help you have a better understanding of the country and make your adventure more memorable:

What Are the Entry Requirements in Macedonia?

As a visitor, it is a requirement that you should have a valid passport before entry. If you intend to stay in Macedonia for a period exceeding 90 days, you should apply for a Visa. Additionally, you should have a document showing that you have health insurance. Foreigners are given 24 hours after arrival to register their names and locations with the police if they have private residences.

What is the Best Time to Visit Macedonia?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It all depends on individual preferences. There is always something you can enjoy in this nation regardless of the time. However, people love different climatic conditions and events, and that is what may drive them to visit a given nation.

During summer, the country experiences temperatures of 30 degrees above Celsius with the mountainous regions experiencing temperatures of 10 degrees above Celsius and higher. This is an ideal time for those who love hiking. The period is between June and September. Winter is associated with heavy snowfall.

The Most Attractive Places to Visit in Macedonia

The different country places that are interesting depending on the activities and locations that you love. Some are highlighted below:

The lake is large and is composed of two sections; Little and Big Prespa. Between the two is Mt. Galicica which is covered by snow at the top. The mountain makes a good location for those who love cycling. As you cycle, you can view the eye-catching birdlife and ancient churches.

  • Skopje

This is a city in Macedonia with both modern and ancient facilities. It is the capital city of Macedonia with people of different cultures. River Valdar passes across the city, making it beautiful. From the top of Vodno Mountain, you can have a beautiful view of the city. Many festivals take place there, including opera and jazz.

  • Matka Canyon

To move to this location, you need to cover 17km from Skopje. During the journey, you can enjoy cultural and natural heritage. There is River Treska which forms a valley though the Karst scenery in the region. The tracks are suitable for hiking. You also have the opportunity to watch the ancient monasteries.

The location has protected forests, convenient spots for picnic, beautiful sceneries. The national park in this location offers enjoyment to people who love adventure all year round. If you need to be shown around as you hike, you can hire private guides. Moreover, you enjoy different fauna and species of flora. Lynx species is in this park as well.

The Things to Be Cautious About as You Visit

Research on the history of the neighboring country may help you avoid saying or doing things that can put you in trouble. For instance, the subject of comparing the Albanians and Macedonians is sensitive, and you should avoid it. Besides, do not touch on the issues of how the Bulgarians and Greeks relate.

Secondly, you should know that it may sometimes be too hot in Macedonia. Therefore, it is crucial to be adequately hydrated. The advantage is that the water found in all the areas of Macedonia is safe and cannot cause any complication to you.

You can only purchase booze from the shops before 7 p.m. After that, it is illegal for the shops to sell them. Therefore, you need to keep enough stock before that time. Make your life easier in the region.

Overall, this guide gives enough information that you need about Macedonia. When you plan well and follow all the rules, it is an enjoyable place to visit. Enjoy your adventure as you tour Macedonia.